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Nitto 275/60R20 XL NT420V

All-Season Luxury Light Truck/SUV tire available in many popular OE and plus-sizes, including LT-metric sizes for ¾ to 1-ton trucks.


* Large outer tread blocks * Non-directional design * Asymmetric sipe and groove count combined with a variable pitch tread block design * Two wide circumferential grooves * High number of inner lateral grooves * LT-Metric sizes are constructed to handle heavier ¾ to 1-ton trucks like heavy-duty diesel trucks * UTQG: 460 A A (hard metric sizes only)


* Increase the amount of road contact surface area, improving cornering grip and performance in dry conditions * Allows for cross rotation for more even wear and a longer tread life * Work together to reduce annoying noise frequency peaks * Channel water away from the tread blocks * Provide biting edges for wet traction

Tire Specifications

Load Rating116
Speed RatingH130 mph  (210 kph)
Load Capacity2756pounds (lbs)
Maximum Inflation50PSI
UTQG460 A ATreadwear: 460
Traction: A
Temperature: A

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